Security Council

The purpose of the Security Council is to provide to the Security Professional within the IPMI Organization the intelligence required to help protect the assets of their individual companies, providing them with a network of Professional Security people within their field.

During annual meetings subjects vary from electronic hardware, transportation, insurance and fraud cases, which are discussed in detail. No minutes are taken during these sessions.

To become a member you must be approved by a sub committee, which is headed up by a Chairman of the Council. It is understood and enforced that any subject discussed during these meetings will stay within the confinements of the members within the Organization.

International Alert Program
The Security Council provides and International Alert Program to quickly alert the metals industry when a loss has occurred and to provide as much detail describing the material as possible. The alert program is administered by IPMI headquarters and reaches throughout the globe.

The IPMI also works closely with law enforcement agencies to disseminate information and provide key industry contacts. If you would like to be on the alert profiles please submit your company credentials to IPMI headquarters. The Security Council will review your application and consider your request to be added to the alert profiles.


In the precious business security is an extremely import aspect of a company's over all success. IPMI's Security Council provides a unique opportunity for security professionals affiliated with IPMI member companies to exchange real life experience, evaluate and compare emerging technologies, network with each other in a global environment and most importantly the ability to pool their many years of experience for the good of the Industry. If security is your responsibility then participation in the IPMI Security Council could be a valuable resource for your company. Contact IPMI headquarters if you are interested in becoming a member of the Security Council.

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