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PGM Catalyst Use & Recycling Seminar

November 7th & 8th, 2016

@ the NH Collection Barbizon Palace Amsterdam Netherlands

Registration Now Open!

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4th Annual IPMI New York Platinum Dinner!  

Thursday Sept 15, 2016
Location: The New York Palace Hotel, New York city
Keynote Speaker:  Ms. Liz Claman

Ms. Liz Claman is the anchor of the Fox Business Network show, "Countdown to the Closing Bell", is Co-Anchor of Fox Business, Co-Anchor of "After the Bell" and also hosts Fox Business Global Power



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Risk Management of Precious Metals Seminar: Transportation / Plant Operations / Insurance

IPMI wishes to thank the presenters and sponsors for making our Risk Management Seminar a success!


The IPMI Video Series on Gold Supports Museum Exhibit

November 16, 2015 - Pensacola, Florida - The International Precious Metals Institute released a series of 7 videos today produced in support of the "Worth Its Weight: Gold from the Ground Up" exhibit which will open on November 19th at the Museum of American Finance in New York City.

The videos will be part of this exhibit which includes over 100 gold objects from over a dozen public and private collections.

IPMI Gold Series

Gold Ore
Mining for Gold
Gold Refining
Gold Uses and Applications
Gold Rush Fever
Gold Coins of America
Gold Bars -The Rothschild Collection

The Museum of American Finance, an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution, is the nation's only public museum dedicated to finance, entrepreneurship and the open market system.  More information on this exhibit, including a list of object highlights, can be found at www.moaf.org/exhibits/gold .

IPMI is the largest worldwide association of producers, refiners, fabricators, scientists, users, financial institutions, merchants, private and public sector groups within the precious metals community. The Institute was organized to provide a forum for the exchange of factual information on all aspects of precious metals and precious metals technology.


IPMI Thanks its 2016 New York Platinum Dinner sponsors

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Co-Speaker Sponsors

Sponsor of Special Drink at the Platinum Dinner




The Awards Committee of the IPMI is pleased to announce the 2016 Student Scholarship Award Winners!

IPMI Jun-ichiro Tanaka Distinguished Achievement Award – Professor Stephen L. Buchwald, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
IPMI Henry J. Albert Award – Professor Ei-ichi Negishi, Purdue University
IPMI Carol Tyler Award – Professor Maria Flytzani-S tephanopoulos, Tufts University
IPMI Faculty Advisor Award -Professor Chad Mirkin, Northwestern University
IPMI Student Award - Pengcheng Chen-Northwestern University
IPMI Gemini Award - Yuxiang Chen-Carnegie Mellon University
IPMI Sabin Metal Ron Bleggi Award - David Primer, University of Pennsylvania
IPMI Metalor Award - Adrian Tlahuext-Alca- Westfalische Wilhelms Universitat
IPMI Bright Futures Award - Alice Chang-California Institute of Technology
IPMI NY Chapter Award - Brian Conn-University of Toedo
IPMI Johnson Matthey Award-Anish Dasgupta - Pennsylvania State University
IPMI Colt Refining Award - Yuxing Song-University of Houston
IPMI Elemetal Award - Ling Chu-Scripps Research Institute
IPMI Republic Metals Richard Rubin Award - Sarah Nathan-Cornell University



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Gold Ends Weaker amid Strong U.S. Dollar, Bearish Charts - Kitco 12/08/16
Click here for details!
Gold Ends Lower as Dollar Rallies after ECB Decision - MarketWatch 12/08/16
Click here for details!
Silver Manipulation Lawsuit Growing
Swiss Bank UBS might not be off the hook and could be back in court with four other new banks in an ever-evolving lawsuit that alleges manipulation of gold and silver prices during the daily fix. - Kitco 12/08/16
Click here for details!
The New Shariah Standard on Gold
The launch of the Shariah Standard on Gold, which offers guidance on the use of modern gold financial products that meet the requirements of the religious law governing members of Islam, opens the market for the yellow metal to potentially significant demand from the Muslim world. - MarketWatch 12/08/16
Click here for details!
Win for Barrick's Giant South America Gold Project
Plans by Barrick Gold to revive its Pascua Lama project straddling the border between Argentina and Chile received a boost on Wednesday after Chilean authorities rejected an attempt by local communities to block changes to environmental monitoring at the site. - Mining.com 12/08/16
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2016 Umicore Materials Technology Award
Dr Camila Fernandez has received the €10,000 Umicore Materials Technology Award for her PhD work in the field of exploring dynamic catalytic processes for synthesizing ammonia on ruthenium-supported nanoparticles at low temperatures. - Umicore 12/07/16
Click here for details!
U.S. Mint Sees Highest Demand For Gold Coins Since 2011
The U.S. Mint is reporting another record year for coin sales and this time, it is for its gold-bullion products. - Kitco 12/06/16
Click here for details!
Gold Price Slump Puts Barrick's Super Pit Deal with Minjar at Risk
A recent and sharp decline in gold prices is casting serious doubts on the feasibility of China's Minjar Gold's $1.3 billion bid for Barrick's 50% stake in Australias Kalgoorlie "Super Pit" mine. - Mining.com
Click here for details!
New Islamic Finance Guidance on Gold Emphasises Real Deal
Islamic finance experts have developed new rules for gold transactions, they said on Monday, potentially opening the way for Islamic institutions to trade gold and silver much more actively. - Reuters at Kitco 12/05/16
Click here for details!
Italian Referendum : Gold Confounds - Again
Yet again a plebiscite, whose result would normally have been expected to give a significant boost to the gold price appears to have had the opposite effect. - Sharps Pixley 12/05/16
Click here for details!
Gold's Slim Price Recovery this Year Boosts Supply Fears
A lack of new and significant gold mines to come on stream soon, due mainly to miners' reduced investment in exploration, is boosting fears in the industry over future supply of the metal. - Mining.com 12/05/16
Click here for details!
Miners Continue to Diverge from Crashing Gold
As the gold price continues to plummet, GDX, the ETF for large-cap miners has managed to hold the key $20 level. - Kitco 12/02/16
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